Frequently Asked Questions


1. What benefits of hiring an Interior Designer ?

Before going for any Interior project work to get done, some important questions require appropriate answers. Let’s take an example of furnishing. The color utility requirement, specific fitment area, purpose of usage etc., to be considered for which a proper interior planning is required. The Interior designer can only help on planning and completing new construction project and re-modeling of existing setups. So, the consultation and opinion of an Interior designer is priceless. If you hire a well experienced and qualified interior designer, it not only saves time or money but also adds the perfect utility and quality finish as a desired factor to your place. More reasons are mentioned below to make you understand, why you need an Interior Designer:-Utility of money,Arranging styles according to an organized system,Best choice for busy person to avoid personal 100% involvement taking offs from regular work,Approximate calculation or judgment of the value quality or extent of something,Professional evaluation,Communication or Co-operation that facilitates a close relationship between client or organization.

2. What do work with any particular style?

Interior Design is generally relaxed catchy and very captivating work in a broad category and styles that depends on the requirement and choice of our clients suiting his budget. We at C5DESIGN deliberate the individualities and décor tastes of our client into a living location be it a home or an office that are refilled and refined with modern luxuries, adventitious, exotic and comforts. We are well-versed in the gamut of decorating style including modern, traditional and electrical decor (lightings) style. Our work experience is vastly into commercial and residential sectors and all with an understanding to latest market requirements and conditions as far as Customer style and taste is concerned. Some of our past project explains and proves everything under the Interior Design Category to get a better idea of our work what we did, doing and can do. (Please refer to our web portfolio).

3. What Experience do you have?

As far as experience is key strength of C5 DESIGN in term of the skilled team comprising it managing director Mr. Harinath Singh who is into interior civil renovation and construction line for past 22 plus years. He is the master key of C5 DESIGN which is 4 years old and is growing day by day since the time it was established in the year 2013. The terms of experts working in c5 design are qualified bunch which tasted the success and appreciation in all projects they handled.

4. What cities do you work in ?

Though we are based in New Delhi and we operate mainly in Delhi and Mumbai and we have registered office in Delhi. We have designed project for client all over the India in all sectors. We are specializing in designing and focused on three thing- safety, quality and budget.

5. What types of project do you do?

We can provide all types of interior solutions which suits to your any type of requirement whether it is High End, Premium, Medium or Economical Projects. With more than excellent experience in interior projects we have served banks, commercials, hospitals, hotels, retail, residential, restaurants, office fit outs and retail showroom interiors PAN India. To give you better idea of C5 Design works I am enclosing the company profile for your kind perusal.

6. How & What to be done for Interiors?

Client requirement budget and planning, right choice of designers and civil interior contractor .who is well experienced, professionally involved, skilled and with best track record in market.

7. Do we require it to have a Class & outstanding look interiors or can we get it from any local experienced interior job work contractor?

A Place where an initial investment cost a huge amount of an individual / firm / company savings to be utilized in the best possible manner – One would definitely opt for a lasting image on his hard earned property / money. A professional hired and a local vendor working has huge difference in term of quality and long term reliability which the former can only give.

8. Whether it would suit my budget covering all my desired requiremnts?

Existing client feedback and some of the site visits which are the roots of confidence. Naked eye proof is the best to gain confidence upon which I can believe C5 DESIGN whether it’s the quality, expertize, the time frame commitment etc., that will match for assigned project completion by required time and within the Budget.

9. How should I believe C5 Design and what they do to as 'they were my/our right choice for this project

Existing client feedback and some of the site visits which are the roots of confidence. Naked eye proof is the best to gain confidence upon which I can believe C5 DESIGN whether it’s the quality, expertize, the time frame commitment etc., that will match for assigned project completion by required time and within the Budget.

10. What Services do you offer?

We offer service for Interior designing in Turnkey Project Solution, Office Interior Design, Hotel Interior Design, Restaurant Interior Design, Community Centre Interior Design, Warehouse Interior Design, Healthcare and Medical care, Hospitality and Recreational Design, Museum Interior Design, Library Interior Design, Government Establishment, Retail store Shopping Mall Interior Design, Cinema-Hall Interior. Bungalow Interiors Design, Villa Interior Design, Apartment Interior Design ,Kitchen Interior Design, Bedroom Interior Design, Bathroom Interior Design, Dining Room Interior Design, Kids Room Interior Design, Home Gym Interior Design, Outdoor/Indoor Interior Design, Banquet/Hall Interior Design, Home Staircase Interior Design, Home Office Interior Design. Fashion store, Jewelry showroom, Entrance hall, fashion boutiques, Glass Store, Lighting and furniture showroom, and cafes…e.t.c.

11. What Other Service do you offer to clients?

As we specialized in the Interior Designing and Civil renovation process. Apart from this we also offer renovation with Project Management Service in Networking, CCTV (Own & as an authorized) and Music System Installation (as authorized), Furniture and Fixture (own brand), Civil work and Firefighting work, Electrical and Air Conditioning, Glass Design and Wall Paper, Sanitary and Plumbing works, MS Work and Aluminum Work, Signage and False ceiling work, Paint and Polish. Also we offer a wide range of interior wall paper and textiles including Carpet, Rugs, Curtain, Cushion, Blind and Shade, Door window treatment, Upholstered furnishing.

10. What materials do you offer furniture in?

We provide a wide range of unique and beautiful essential furniture in a modern traditional and classical style to fit your tastes such as Office and home furniture, Outdoor furniture, partitions, Training room, School Furniture ,AV Equipment, Accessories, Conference chairs, Seating tables. Media Equipment, Storage, Book cases, cabinets, display cases, lockers, machine stands, shelves, wardrobe, Reception desks chairs, sofas, loveseats, lounge tables, lighting magazine, rocks, mats, all reception furnishing, whiteboards…e.t.c.