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Interior Design Consultancy

Interior Design Consultancy

We will converge with clients either at location. We are service providers of design consultancy including personal style consulting and room refreshers renovation services include accessory styling and acquisition and integration of individual parts or paint color combination. C5 Design allows consultation to get to know you and your project requirement budget and time:-We provide consultancy in:-

Interior/Architecture design consultancy

Space planning and Vastu Interior

Landscape design and 3D views

Façade exteriors and window treatment design

Furniture and Fabric Selection

Flooring and Lighting design

Paint, color and wallpaper consultation

Art and Accessories consultation

Electrical Design

Structural Design

Plumbing Design

Firefighting Design

We will meet with client at their location and we will try to get to know you and your project basic needs/requirement budget and timeline. Afterwards we are gathering measurement acquiring photos of your project or simply just guiding on design and suggestion for a new look. More than we develop our services to monitor observe and check the progress or quality on behalf of client in order to finish the project on time within budget without any mutual concession in quality.