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Interior Services

Commercial Interior Design Service

C5 Design is one of the most dominant Interior Design Company in Commercial Interior Design services we have an experienced and innovative Interior Designer main focused is serving the customer requirement and budget. Our Company has gained special honor or as an acknowledgment in the field of offering Commercial service to the clients. Those services include:-

Office Interior Design, Bank Interior Design,Hotel ,Restaurant interior Design,Community Centre Interior Design, Government tablishments,Warehouse Interior Design, Library Interior Design, Retail Outlet Shopping Mall Interior Design,Cinema-hall terior/Pub Interior Design,Food court Interior Design,Guest house Interior Design,Showroom Interior design.

OurKnowledgeable team of Contractors/Carpenters and designers help professional is providing this service on time be keeping in the mind the miscellaneous requirement of our Customers. Our team is capable for-evaluate the Space Plan,Perfect Material Selection and Structure,Discuss color, paint, and fabric,Analyze the element of structure in an Interior Space,Evaluate lighting plan the compare different types of lights,Explain the process of flower preparation and arrangement,Carry out a practical project in Interior design,Preparation of the project schedule,Assist estimators in preparation of project budget, equipment, Requirement,Monitors and maintain the projects schedule weekly basis.

Residential Interior Design Service

Nowadays all people like to live in Modern, Luxury and Traditional home. C5 Design provides a high-quality design services for the Residential Sector like:-Bungalow Interiors  Design, Villa Interior Design, Apartment Interior Design ,Kitchen Interior Design, Bedroom Interior Design, Bathroom Interior Design, Dining Room Interior Design, Kids Room Interior Design, Home Gym Interior Design, Outdoor/Indoor Interior Design, Banquet/Hall Interior Design, Home Staircase Interior Design, Home Office Interior Design.

Architectural Service

C5 Design has a deep dedication to both design elegancy and facility coordination. Our ability is graceful and stylish appearance or manner design. The best solution is one in which the architectural design is particularly integrated with electrical plumbing and mechanical process. C5 design team will intimately work with you with your special requirement. Its general discipline or plan giving the essential features of something but not the detail. The Following   is an outlet typically offered by C5Design:- pre design planning and project inception, schematic design, site selection, Project management, Design Development, Building condition Audits, Rendering and Promotional materials Full time site representation, Multiple contract preparation, Measurement survey and Design.

Retail Interior Design service

Retail Design is an inventive and mercantile discipline that combines several different areas of expertise together in the design and construction of retail space.  Retail design is elementary a specialized practice of architecture and interior design although it also includes element of interior decoration industrial design and furnishing. Our goal is to design enticing and attractive retail outlet .One of the service we offer at C5 Design is a :- fashion store, Jewelry showroom, Entrance hall, fashion boutiques, Glass Store ,Lighting and furniture showroom, cafes.