Renovation Service

At C5 Design, Renovations Service, we believe that homes and office take on the personality of the people in it and are a reflection of the lives inside. And that’s why we take so much time getting to know our clients. We don’t walk into a preliminary meeting with the mindset of, “Will they buy from us?” Instead we think, “Can we work together to fulfill this owner’s needs and deliver a consistent experience?”

After all, home / office improvement and remodeling is not just about tearing up a wall or installing a new sink. It’s the decisions and goals behind that home improvement that drives us. Ultimately, it’s our job to fix and maintain our customers’ homes to enhance and increase their quality of life in it.


Vastu Renovation Service

The ambiance and the appearance of your office play a very important role on your work. If the ambiance is vibrant and positive then you would definitely enjoy working otherwise it can really be a very boring experience for you. There are many business owners who consider changing the look of their office from time to time because this makes it easier for them to create a good working ambiance for the employees. If you believe in vastu and you want to get your office renovated according to the special rules then there are various important things that you need to keep in mind. Vastu has been followed for many centuries in our country and most people believe that the vastu rules really help in creating positive vibrations.

Renovating your office according to the vastu rules is not very difficult task, you just need to follow all the steps in the right manner. For more information about renovating your home according to the vastu rules, you must consult C5 Design. We are specialize in Vastu Renovation Service.

We are specialize in Interior Design Service apart from that, we offer the Renovation service in following Sectors : Mall Renovation, Office Interior Renovation, Apartment Flat Renovation, Bedroom Renovation Service, Bathroom Renovation Service, Kitchen Renovation Service.


In Renovation Service we cover following works :

  • Renovation Ideas and Design Services
  • Budget Planning Work
  • Time Line Project Design and Execution Work
  • Networking, CCTV and Music System Installation
  • Furniture and Fixture Work
  • Civil work and Firefighting work
  • Electrical Design Work
  • Air Conditioning Work
  • Glass Design Work
  • Wall Paper Design Work
  • Sanitary and Plumbing works
  • MS Work and Aluminum Work
  • Signage and False Ceiling Work
  • Professional Paint and Polish Work