Turnkey Interior Design Solutions

A Turnkey project is one that is fully prevalent when it is handed over to the company. Our turnkey Interior design solution is furnished with a touch of excellence Interior design, lighting and wallpaper/textile. In a business setting a turnkey project is generally produced by a team of contactor and project manager who have great experience with the different type of project that is being produced. C5 design has the responsibility to protect each client and provide then best service. We offer a turnkey service to all client and we have team of experienced and professional consultant and our affiliated contractor we can take you through that entire project from begging to end.


We have a fully skilled and professional Interior Designer and Decorator moving on deep knowledge industrial experience we provide over all new construction plans, remodeling including –

  • Executive offices
  • Luxury homes showrooms
  • Retail outlet
  • Kitchen restaurant
  • Meeting room Interior
  • Mall Interior Decoration
  • Pub Interior and Decoration
  • Food court
  • Educational Institution Interior

The planning of project start here with – cost-efficient, stable furniture used, efficient usage of space—

Schematic Design

Design Development

Project management

Feasibility study

Site selection


Interior Design

Electrical Design

Plumbing Design

Firefighting Design

HVAC Design

Vendoring and Site representation

Multiple Contractor preparation

Measurement survey and Layout


Our Interior designer evaluates and designs interior living and work spaces to make them functional, appealing and well-suited to an owner’s needs. We are creating decorative layouts for homes, office complexes, medical facilities, restaurants, and stores, places of worship, airports and hotels and also our designer creating color palettes, selecting appropriate furniture, and accessorizing the space with fabrics, wall hangings, window treatments, light fixtures and flooring. An interior designer must communicate effectively with clients to make sure the design fits the owner’s style and purpose.We are best rates from verified service Provider. Our design are aimed at utilizing the available space efficiency .Our Service can be adaptable per the demand of the client-

Meet with Clients

We meet with clients to discuss decorating needs, room layout plans, and the functionality of a room or building. We have effective communication skills so we can understand what a client wants and successfully design a room to meet his criteria. Some clients already have a thorough understanding of what they want, while others are looking for advice and suggestions to help them create a stylish space. Most of our communication happens during on-site meetings, so both we and the client visualize the space and discuss patterns, materials, colors, fabrics and furnishings. Plan the SpaceOnce we see the living or work space and understand the owner’s intentions, we must make a plan for designing and decorating the area.

Purchase Furnishings

As an Interior designer we are purchases furnishings, schedules delivery and coordinates installation. Our owner is responsible for the cost associated with the purchases and services, and interior designers taking measurements to sure appliances, work desks, light fixtures, decorative furnishings, televisions and other accessories fit in the space.

Furnish the Area

The workload is usually discussed with the client before services are provided, so budgets and expenses is determined, we make sure that the quality meets the client’s expectations. We arrange the furniture and installing appliances are strenuous tasks, so we sure we have the manpower to put everything in place.